Ozge Serin

Aug 2013

If you want to take Anthropology of Islam with Professor Serin, you should know that: - This is NOT an easy A class. - Learning about Foucault and his theories makes understanding the lectures much easier. Prepare this before the classes start, because once you begin you won't have time to read anything else except what you'll be assigned to read. Believe me. - You should have taken Social Science or Anthropology classes beforehand to understand a bit better what is going on. - Be very diligent and pay a lot of attention to the readings (even if you get several hundred pages of boring academic readings from class to class) - Prepare yourselves to study A LOT. The professor has very high expectations. - If you're a grad student or you're majoring in Anthropology, you should be fine. We did have a few interesting conversations and a couple of good readings, but most of the time it was boring and a minority of students participated. This class is hard, DO NOT take it as a simple Core requirement and DO NOT take it during the summer. You will die if you take it during the summer. Be careful, because sometimes the Professor will say things and then change her mind. We were allowed to not give in 2 one-page-reading papers, but she forgot about it and asked us to write them anyway at the end of the semester. This can get really annoying so make sure you know what she wants and ask her frequent questions.