Maggie Mustard

Jul 2014

I took the Summer Art Humanities Course so it was the abbreviated version, but if I had known it was going to be as well taught as it was I might have considered taking it during the full semester. Maggie did a great job of introducing art concepts as we zoomed from Ancient Greece to 20th Century Pop Art in the space of 6 weeks. The main thing is that the class was not the horrendous bore that I was led to believe it could be. Often it is taught as an art survey course with an undue amount of stress placed on memorizing specific artists and dates of paintings etc. Maggie taught the course as an introduction to critical analysis of art, focusing on elements in the artwork and themes expressed. Historical context was important, but not emphasized over being able to intelligently express opinions about how the piece was executed and its effect on the viewer. It was an exercise in critical thinking, not rote memorization and that makes a HUGE difference in getting anything out of the course.