Jon Kessler

Jan 2018

For the love of god, save yourself from this professor. I have never met someone as arrogant and rude to everyone in the class as Jon Kessler.

Jan 2007

Jon Kessler is an excellent artist and an intense professor. If you are an artist at heart you will appreciate the devotion and work that he displays towards his students. Kessler is a master welder; he is very interested in teaching technique, which non-artists may find baffling or pointless. Sculpture Fundamentals as taught by Kessler is an introduction to the real practice of art: it is not a walk in the park. Humble yourself and Jon will teach you many things about sculpting.

Dec 2005

it's hard not to take jon's words personally, even when they aren't meant to be. i think he can be a little rough and self-absorbed for an intro class. he knows what he's talking about and there are no sculpture-related questions you can ask that he can't answer, but still, that's true of any professor at columbia. don't take kessler's class expecting to make a bond with the prof or impress just won't happen. frankly, i wish i had taken the class with an adjunct. he made me scared to go to class.

Jan 2000

His classes aren't really geared toward teaching. You just complete projects and get critiqued. Four hours of critiques with no breaks, enough to make you want to shoot everyone in sight.

Jan 2000

John is pretty much an a$$hole, full of himself, hard to get a read on, and all that--but that doesn't stop him from being a good teacher. He won't make you cry, but he will be honest in crits. He's very approachable for advice. I reccomend his classes, but as long as you can take his attitude with a grain of salt.