Yun-Chu Chen

Jul 2013

Chen lao shi was a decent teacher, but not very organized and she was sometimes unclear with homework assignments or when they were due, or which lessons we'd be quizzed on. It's still a pretty good and relatively easy class though for a native speaker who doesn't know much reading/writing. However, you might struggle if you're not good at listening, since the class is basically all in Chinese and her English isn't great (there were grammatical errors in the emails that caused more confusion). During class, she would go through vocab and use them to ask us questions. Some of the questions were really personal and made awkward assumptions. Others were just typical albeit a bit weird... For instance, she liked to have us tell her how to get to Chinatown or Flushing. She asked that one a lot. I think the classes were pretty helpful and my Chinese definitely improved after taking this course. Basically, if you want to learn chinese and you're a native speaker, and you're prepared to spend the time to do the homework and study your vocab, you'll be fine. It was easy for me, but I know others struggled more so it really depends what level you're at to begin with.