Jennifer Rudd

May 2016

ANNIE RUDD IS A GODDESS AMONG MORTALS She will (regrettably. so, so regrettably) not be coming back to teach next year, but I felt that it was still necessary to tell the world how much I love and appreciate Annie as a professor. In my experience, Annie has only given back positive feedback. As long as you write something coherent and hit the word count, she will give you at least an A-. She says 30% of the grade is participation, but I have spoken maybe 5 times and never had a problem. I think she just really understands that CC shouldn't be about showing off how much of the reading you did but about really getting each student to engage with the subject, understand it, and (dare I say) enjoy it. It's a shame that future students will not get to experience the wonder that is Annie, but that makes me all the more grateful to have had the chance to be in her class.

Apr 2016

IF YOU GET INTO THIS CLASS THANK EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED YOU GET TO THIS POINT BECAUSE YOU JUST WON THE LOTTERY. Annie gives nothing but positively constructive feedback and will give you an A on practically every assignment (including exams and papers). She tells you everything you need to know for exams in a 20 page studyguide that she makes herself and if you study this you are set. You don’t even have to read the books because she goes over them in detail during class and then leads a surprisingly engaging discussion. Also, the grade is 30% participation (which as long as you don’t sleep through class you’ll be fine)

May 2015

(Jennifer Rudd goes by Annie Rudd in class) Annie is an amazing instructor. She knows the material very well and presents it very clearly in class. She also finds many ways to relate the material to current events or the media by showing relevant video clips. She is also very good at facilitating class discussions and asking the right questions. Annie also provides very comprehensive and detailed notes for review before the midterm and the final exam. There are no surprises on the exams and everything is extremely straightforward. She also cares a lot about the students. She arranged a few outings for the class and even an end-of-the-semester picnic. Overall, if you get Annie Rudd, take the class! Also, no laptops in class (except for review sessions).

Aug 2012

I don't always write reviews on culpa, but when I do it's for super amazing professors. Annie Rudd fits the bill. Always prepared, humbly engaging, insightful, and personable. She truly cares about each one of her students, doesn't play favorites, and makes sure that the reading assignments aren't a living nightmare. I switched out of my first semester CC because of a bad experience and blindly took this class, and boy was it the best decision I ever made. If you get her, you are one lucky SOB. You will learn a lot, discuss a lot, and leave the class with an A.

May 2012

I say with confidence that Annie (the name she goes by) is one of the best teachers I have had and will ever have at Columbia. As a teacher she is absolutely always well-prepared for class, she is consistent in teaching style and grading, and she clearly puts a lot of effort into each class and assignment. She is engaging, enthusiastic, knowledgable, and interested in getting students to learn the material in a low-stress way. I don't know how this fancy nugget nomination system works, but she deserves a gold nugget. Usually, the class is very discussion heavy unless no one has done the reading, in which case she sort of lectures for a while. She allows the class to get off topic just enough to keep discussion interesting but not so much that class becomes a waste of time. She always follows up to questions asked in and out of class in a timely manner, and she is often very generous with extensions if you ask ahead of time and have a good reason. She is a student at the J school (at least for now), so she gets how student life works; she doesn't assume CC is the only class her students are taking, and she knows that some parts of the semester are really hard for us. Incidentally, because she is a student, she often happened to be busy at the same times we were. And I don't know if it was just me, but she seemed to be sick at the most convenient times. Several times I got to class unprepared and having a bunch of other things I needed to do, only to check my e-mail and find that I got a total freebie. I would say she is sick more than the average person (perhaps her weak Canadian immune system can't handle NYC), but not so much that the class falls too far behind. She was basically only sick when everyone else was sick and in need of a break. As a person, she's pretty cool. She has good stories, takes Canada jokes well, and is the kind of person you'd want to have a drink with after class. Imagine your favorite TA, but competent and not an asshole. She threw us two parties, one of which almost consisted of using the CC budget to rent out Campo. I recommend taking CC with Annie if you rate your interest in political philosophy anywhere from a 2-9 on a scale of 10. If you hate the idea of CC, if you're really into doing all of the reading and knowing all of the answers, or if you're really just more interested in taking a class with an old wizened professor, don't take her CC class. Otherwise, do it, even if it's at an inconvenient time, because you will learn and enjoy yourself. Heads up: she gets frustrated if people have private conversations during class (which didn't happen that often since class was interesting), and you don't get that many excused absences. TL;DR: She is awesome. Take CC with her.