Tiffany Shaw

Jan 2015

This class is amazing. It's a lot of work and takes up a ton of time but McManus and Shaw are both the kindest and most caring professors I have ever had. The two are willing to meet with any student at any time, which is hard for them because they split their time between Morningside and Lamont. I don't consider myself a science person and at times the material got a bit tricky, but McManus and Shaw are always willing to explain something over and over again. Overall though the material isn't too bad and the professors are amazing. The labs take up a lot of time, but overall the TAs are fair and are also always willing to explain the material or why they took off points somewhere GO TO OFFICE HOURS. Can't stress that enough. Don't take this class if you don't have time to devote to office hours and asking questions outside of class.

Sep 2014

I took this class first semester of my freshman year and it changed the way I think about the earth. We learned about how and why our weather patterns exist, why there are deserts where they are, and how the ocean is acidifying due to global climate change. No prior knowledge is assumed. Only algebra is required. Professor Shaw teaches the first half of the semester, and she is fantastic. Her lecture style is geared so we really understand the material, and she reviews key concepts from the last lecture at the beginning of the next day so you know what to study. Professor McManus is even better, though! He's a super sweet guy who just really loves talking about the oceans, and his office hours are very relaxed. They both really want you to succeed. The lab portion is well integrated and actually illustrates concepts from class. 10/10 would recommend.