Nuria Quella

Jun 2016

She's a really sweet lady who definitely cares about her students. Her intro class was incredibly easy if you took AP Econ but super boring, as you can tell she isn't interested in hearing it again just as you. She's really good about covering most things in class and posting slides, so you can definitely get away with not reading the book if you have AP experience. Her macro class is significantly better and you can tell she gets excited about certain topics. Still a little dry, but a very doable (although you 100% need to read the book since a lot of questions come out of book examples). The TA, Luis, however, is extremely unhelpful, often got questions wrong, and recitation was a waste of time. Go to Quella! She is super willing to sit down with you even though she's a bit awkward. She also gives out extra credit for current events and her discussions on those articles was the best part of the class. A lot of people didn't like her since it wasn't a very captivating class, but she's a very fair professor.