Lynn Meskell

Nov 2003

It is really a shame- Professor Meskell is a very interesting lecturerer, and the material is facinating, but the class is horrible. From the second meeting, the class is taught by other students in the class, doing their presentations, and there is nothing more torturous than having to listen to other students present. Not that they don't have some interesing ideas, but the class costs around $3000, and for that I realllly want to be taught by the professor and learn something.

Nov 2003

This class is ridiculous. Meskell, who clearly knows a lot about the subject, doesn't teach; students do. So, basically, classtime consists of whoever was assigned that particular subject standing up in front of the class, talking, while the other students in the class do other work. It sucks, but attendance is taken. The usual trend of class is people to sign in, then leave. It's a very easy and low-workload class, so if you want an easy grade or want to satisfy a Social Science of M. Cultures requirement, take it. Nothing was learned that wasn't available in the reading. T.A., Anna Boozer, was nice and approachable.

Nov 2002

Meskell's awesome, laid-back attitude and contemporary twist on the material made this class really interesting. Her extensive knowledge on the subject and witty remarks-- not to mention her Australian accent-- always made her contributions to the student presentations extremely helpful. Her class is a really engaging way to satisfy a major cultures requirement.

Nov 2001

The class consists of a big group presentation every week. That is too bad since the material is fascinating and Professor Meskell is very knowledgeable and has a great way of explaining things. The only time the class becomes palatable is when she interjects comments into the presentation. They are always insightful and are also usually very funny. Her tendency of interpreting everything in a feminist light means that you wont agree with everything she says, but at least it makes you think. For some reason my class consists of like 30 girls and 5 guys.

Apr 2001

I've been fascinated by Ancient Egypt since I was a little kid so I LOVED this class. The course focuses on the lives of every day people in Ancient Egypt instead of the Pharaohs. Concepts are covered in the order of the lifecycle from birth to love songs and sexuality to the afterlife. Fascinating discussions of "personhood", or the beginning of the time when a child was considered a person. The class is based on informal (very low pressure) student presentations, but Meskell comments and adds information during each class. She is phenomenally knowledgeable about all of the presentation topics. She's also skeptical of many of the traditional theories about Egypt. And wait until you see how she dresses... She's not at all the typical Egyptologist; she's young, Australian, and specializes in feminist archaeology. Overall, a great class and good major cultures req class. If you are at all interested in Ancient Egypt take take it.

Jan 2000

Lectures are scattered and often repetitive but lots of cool pictures and slides for those who stay awake.