Rebecca Worby

Jul 2013

Becca Worby was a pretty good teacher. Her class was fun (even though a lot of us were tired by 5 pm when the class was) and she occasionally brought us cookies or other snacks (nuts & raisins). There was a lot of peer-review and discussion. She was very willing to help us out with our writing and scheduled individual meetings with us before our papers were due, and her grading wasn't harsh at all. There were also a lot of free-writes, which I felt was pretty helpful for getting my ideas out. I felt like most of the readings were pretty interesting. She divides the course into four progressions: Responding Critically To One Text, Conversation Essay, Research Essay, and Retrospection. There were themes for each section... I think she does different ones for each semester. Papers are broken into multiple steps (eg, "write an outline", "write an intro", "write a first draft", etc) so that by the time it comes for the final draft, you've already done most the work and you're not as rushed.