Lozang Jamspal

Dec 2004

Prof Jamspal is a very kind professor and he has a good sense of humor. He is native Tibetan (grew up there before escaping during the Chinese "cultural revolution") and has a knack for getting you to understand Tibetan before you even realize it. Learning a nonRoman alphabet isn't nearly as intimidating as you might think and if you already know one of the other western languages, the grammar shouldn't be difficult to understand. It's really straightforward and there aren't any rulebreakers (at least not in the first semester). One of the best things about the class is that it's only twice a week and only 3 points. So it's not nearly as intense as the western languages. Another thing--THE BEST THING--is is that there are usually only very few students in the class. I was fortunate enough to be only 1 of 2--definitely can say I got my full money's worth from CU at long last!