Charlotte Friedman

May 2013

I loved this course. It was small, student focused, and involved wonderful readings. Both professors were incredibly kind and had meticulous comments on assignments. They knew when to push a student or when to pull back and offer support, essential for this kind of class in which the students are asked to open themselves up and reveal vulnerabilities. A typical class would look like: 15-20 minutes of introduction by the professors 60-75 minutes of discussion 5 minutes of free writing based off a prompt 10-15 minutes of reading and discussion I took this course because as a pre-medical student, I always thought that a narrative medicine course would offer a valuable perspective. It did. It may have been obvious at times and sentimental, I still enjoyed it very much overall. Sometimes, we had too many readings to have a thorough discussion on any one. That said, I read all of the readings, and I sometimes wished I had more to read. I was definitely inspired to put in extra time and effort beyond what the class would have requested of me. I would definitely recommend this course.