Lance Weiler

May 2021

OMG, you MUST take this class! Best. class. I've. ever. taken. at. Columbia! Rob is, like always, amazing - like if I could imagine the kindest, most patient, and interesting/genius professor, it would be him. This is my first class with Lance, and he is also just incredible! He does such amazing work (both as an artist/director and professor) and is somehow also just as down-to-Earth as Rob. They are an amazing team for teaching this class! Although I often am a little confused with some of the readings (they have some LARGE ideas), we talk about them in class and hash out the ideas through practice. Rob's theory elevates the discussions and makes us more complexly examine Lance's work and the projects they both bring in. I've learned so much about the present and future of technology, story-telling, social connections, authenticity, representation, and all of the different media forms through which these goals can be achieved! Take this class! You will be so happy, and your brain will grow!