Berenice Baudry

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2013

Professor Baudry is terrific, absolutely terrific. She pushes you, but she's so supportive, humorous, and passionate, that I know most of my class looked forward to our time with her the most. The enthusiasm she puts into her class and her students is only matched by her personal awesomeness - she knows everything about everything, and it makes our classes very, very interesting. Most importantly, she cares most about the fact that you try, not that you're right. I was one of the worst in our class, but she definitely rewarded me for giving it my all, and in a language class that is great motivation. Take her, if you can. Really. She's the best professor I've had in all my three semesters.

May 2013

Berenice is absolutely fantastic. Seriously. She's amazing. She's super, super fair, and just wants you do really well. Our entire class loved her, so much so that most of us are specifically figuring out how we can take her next semester. I actually took Elementary I with her - can't find the course listed. Take her if you get the chance - this was easily my favourite class, despite the fact that I was one of the worst in the group.

Jan 2013

Professor Baudry is, nothing short, of fantastic. One of the things that amazed me about this class is the breadth of what we went over in this class: From grammar, to writing, to actually a lot about culture, especially film. She plays quite a lot of interesting youtube videos in class which is a great change to the usual lectures. There's a lot of grammar to go over in Elementary French II, so likewise she goes over a lot of exercises in class. There are workbook exercises every night and while you could put them off (like me) you will have to finish all of them before each test because she collects the workbooks on each test day. Tests cover basically everything in lectures, and 2 out of the 4 tests could be resubmitted for a regrade with corrections. Not sure about her policy on regrades though. Be sure to know your vocab too. Lastly she assigns five compositions, each of which can be resubmitted for a regrade. In general, as long as you practice over the exercises in class, do the workbook, and study the vocab you will do fine. There is also a conversation midterm. Professor Baudry is extremely receptive during her office hours and after class and if you need any help she is more than happy to help out.

Dec 2012

Professor Baudry is one of the kindest and most interesting professors in the French department. I had her for a conversation course so my perspective on her teaching style may be biased. Each class session, she came up with thoughtful and relevant topics for conversation. Her quizzes were fair, her feedback on class presentations and pronunciation was thorough, and her positive energy and consideration made each class delightful. She is highly approachable both inside and outside of the classroom, and her range of interests and ability to speak on any subject from Old Skool rap to 16th century literature is impressive to say the least. If you want to take conversation to learn how to speak the language and have a good time I highly recommend Prof. Baudry.