Gabriela Badea

Apr 2020

Truly atrocious. The lectures are rambling and nonsensical--I'm pretty sure my French actually has gotten worse. We regularly are assigned readings/films with one day's notice that are comparable in difficulty to CC texts (some of the readings we've been assigned were literally assigned in the English version by my CC prof). Somehow thinks we're fluent in French and don't need any notice to do readings that are already in English. Maybe this isn't applicable for later semesters, but she's also been so unaccommodating during COVID-19. I know all professors are struggling, but she'll assign us about five days worth of work every single night, including really morbid ones like writing our own wills and causes of death (the assumption being that we'll all be dead by the end of the semester???). I'm not writing this review because I'm mad about my grades or something--the semester is mandatory P/F and even when we were getting grades it was sort of manageable. But be prepared for lectures that make you discuss how to end racism in France (which no one even knows how to do in English) and tests that focus on grammar you never even learned.

Jan 2013

I am so lucky to have gotten Gabi. She is young and very eccentric. The class itself is very typical of Intermediate French I - appropriating the right amount of time to converse, versus to teach grammar. However, Gabi is SO CHILL about everything. She puts due dates for the online Quia exercises, but she doesn't care when you do them as long as you get them done. We signed up time slots for an oral presentation, but she literally did not care when you presented. One group did it the last day of class. Also, instead of having 5 essays and an oral presentation, we had like 3 essays and a oral presentation that replaced one of the essays. She grades the essays very easily. She's also REALLY into movies/ independent films. Every two weeks, she offers extra credit to meet in a room in Hamilton and watch a French movie. Super chill. She calls it "Cinema Club." There was also like a German movie festival or something at Lincoln Center and she gave extra credit to people who went to it and wrote a review. So it's very easy to do well in this class as long as you put the work in to learn the vocab and grammar for the exams. Intermediate I has a lot of review of Beginner I and II in it, while also introducing new topics, so it's a great transition course.