Tracey Holland

May 2015

CHILDREN'S RIGHTS: SEL ISSUES (G4410) Prof Holland was extremely disorganized and attempted to fill up class time with a lot of unnecessary fluff. An inordinate amount of time was spent watching movies or going around the room reading documents aloud for 20 minutes at a time (not even analyzing said documents...just reading them aloud!). There were a number of guest lecturers, brought in to fill up the time we could have spent engaged in meaningful discussion about the assigned readings. The class is very unstructured. "Lectures" are disjointed, vague, aimless and repetitive. While it might be reasonable to focus on 'big picture' issues at the very beginning of the semester, by midterms period we should be digging deeper beneath the surface. It is unclear whether she has the expertise necessary to go below the surface on this topic. It was impossible to engage in real discussion during class. Students would make a few random comments here and there, and then back we'd go to reading aloud or movie watching! In one-on-one interactions, she appeared scattered, insecure, uninformed, and unnecessarily defensive. She is a nice human being, but may be ill-equipped to deal with students. Her grading scheme seems haphazard and highly subjective. Overall, there was a complete lack of transparency. In sum, this class was taught in a way that seems inconsistent with graduate level education. Not worth your time, energy or $.