Maude Meisel

Jan 2018

Professor Meisel is super nice. Very flexible with extensions if you need them. She prepares very well for her classes. She is just a kind person overall. I would not say she is the easiest grader as she expects people to write well as we transition into college but her midterm and final are graded generously. (I ended up with an A in the course somehow.) I had her for 1st semester and had to switch out for 2nd semester. I have to say it was really hard for me to click that switch button on ssol because I really wanted to stay in her section. She is definitely a professor I recommend.

Sep 2016

The other reviews were solid but let me break it down for you. Maude is a boss. No other words. She probably loves her class more than her own family which makes it impossible not to care about the readings and workload. That being said, the workload was ridiculously standard and Maude was soooo understanding about any issue. I swear Maude Meisel might be God because she taught us that God created the world in 7 days and Maude blew my mind in 7 minutes. Obviously I probably over did this post but really take Maude's'll give you an unbelievably chill and fun freshman year.

May 2016

Professor Meisel is truly one of the best professors I have ever had. She is fun, thoughtful, and incredibly knowledgeable. As long as you keep up with the the readings, do the discussion posts, take good notes, and don't fool around in class, you are bound to do well in her class-- she is one of those professors who wants you to learn and do well. Thanks to her, I have become a better writer/reader and have a newfound appreciation for classic novels. She is also super helpful in office hours. All in all, Professor Meisel made LitHum an amazing experience!

Jan 2015

The previous review sums up Maude perfectly. She is so nice, so chill, so laid back, and always willing to help. If you keep going to her office hours and bringing questions, she will literally analyze the text with you for as long as you want. Her comments were what made the class so thoroughly worthwhile and I honestly loved LitHum so much more because of her. The previous review mentions how chill the grading is too. All in all a great class. In class she always leads the discussion and it genuinely feels like she's our tutor rather than a lecturer. 10/10

Jan 2014

Professor Meisel is great. She is so laid-back about readings and the class, but also does a good job at explaining the readings. I had her this past fall semester, and although class discussions weren't really as intense as some other sections, we get the information. Really easy grader, and almost unbelievably understanding. I went to office hours a few times this semester and she was always ready to help. Since she commutes from another university to Columbia, she's not on campus most of the time. However, she is more than willing to skype with students or to call them - really, if you want to get a hold of her, it's not a challenge. I wish that I could have her for the spring semester (as she majored in Russian lit)!