Mark Brownstein

May 2012

Brownstein taught Energy Policy at SIPA. I found the class really interesting as a broad overview of different aspects of the energy industry in the US. It has a heavy US focus. While the course looked at how the international aspects of energy policy affect the US and how the US affects international energy policy and markets, some students were disappointed that it did not focus more on the international aspects of energy policy. Brownstein has a very off the cuff teaching style, he clearly knows his stuff. He just uses the blackboard, no ppt. Sometimes he would come in with a recent paper and hold it up an say look at this... And use that as a jumping off point for the class discussion. Some students didn't like this style much and prefer a more structured. I personally really like that teaching style. One caveat, Brownstein can be very slow getting back to emails and takes FOREVER to grad papers. This is really frustrating. Oh, if you like energy policy, and I hope you do if you take the class, the readings are really good.