Raul Marrero-fente

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Mar 2005

Prof. Marrero has figured it out: each class is dominated by a student presentation of the material, and Prof. Marrero only has to fill in what the student missed during the last ten minutes. He grades two papers for each student, plus the presentation, and no final or midterm to write or grade. His has to be the cushest teaching position here. What a great idea! From the student's perspective, the class is very flexible. If you're looking to fulfill an easy MC requirement, there are only the two short papers and one presentation to worry about, with a minimum of class participation. For the student who's genuinely interested in the material, the reading list is very comprehensive, with several off-beat and interesting works thrown in (e.g. García Márquez' "The General in His Labyrinth" during the unit on Latin American independence instead of a dry non-fiction work). Despite his brilliant plan for minimizing his busywork, Prof. Marrero clearly loves the subject and the Conquest period especially, and he is a fountain of information. He is flexible to students' needs, but don't abuse his generosity. He also loves to meet students out of class, and is generally a cool guy.

Jan 2004

Raul is simply amazing. As the previous review says, he has the ability to make you see what's wonderful about what you thought were the most boring of texts ever written in the history of literature.

Jan 2004

raul is an awesome teacher. he is a truly nice guy, very understanding, extremely intelligent and a fair grader. this class sounds like it could be really boring, but raul had really interesting things to say. i actually went to an outside lecture of his that had nothing to do with the class because i found him that interesting. be sure that you can easily understand spanish before taking this class. class feedback, other students' presentations and what raul has to say are key. raul is on sabbatical this year, but when he comes back try to take one of his classes. it's totally worth it.