Axel Honneth

Dec 2012

If you're interested in continental philosophy at all, take this course. Honneth is an amazing professor who knows a shitton of social philosophy. Grading depends almost entirely on the TA, which means it fluctuates a lot. In any case, it isn't too bad. Honneth himself does grade some (very few) papers, and I think he's a little harsher than one would expect (but this is probably due to differences between the American and the German grading system... I imagine there is less grade inflation in the old world.) He is, however, sometimes painfully slow in lectures. He also repeats himself a lot, which can be frustrating. He's also not terribly fluent in English, which takes some time to get used to. I also think he gets more fluent as the semester goes by. And if you do take this class, GO TO OFFICE HOURS. Honneth is incredibly nice for the academic rockstar he is, and will probably blow your mind.