Jessica Kimpell

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2019

Dr. Kimpell Johnson is the best professor I've had at Columbia. She did a fantastic job of mapping out the history of republicanism as a tradition and taught political theory in a way that was very accessible and interesting. She is highly organized and extremely helpful if you go to her office hours. This was one of those classes where you could tell that the professor genuinely cared about her students actually understanding and engaging with the material. If you go to class and take o=good notes you might not even need to complete the readings sometimes - that's how detailed she is. This class was actually more of an effective introduction to Political Theory than the actual intro to Political Theory class I took. TLDR; take this class. Dr. Kimpell is AWESOME.

Feb 2014

Kimpell is a fantastic professor, and this is a great class. Take it. She opens with a ~25 minute lecture, and does an amazing job at explaining some complicated philosophical texts. The rest of the class is a discussion and she does a good job at challenging people and making sure they stay on point. She is very sweet, and incredibly smart, but also, very strict. She doesn't give out extensions, or even small things like letting you exceed the page limit. It's not a problem with the class, but just be advised that she is not the most easy-going, laid-back professors out there. The class itself was fascinating. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed it, mostly because I had no idea what the title means. Grading: So I got a B+ on the first paper, an A- on the midterm, don't know what I got on the final paper but I ended up with a nice A. Participation is 20% but I have a feeling that people who participate tend to do well in the class no matter what. So just try to participate in class as much as you can (don't bs, she knows her stuff), and do fairly well on other things, and you'll get an A. Make sure you take good notes, she explains the material VERY well, and that's really all you need for the papers and the mid-term.

Jul 2013

I'm happy I took this class. I didn't come into this class very interested in the material (mostly because I didn't even know what the title of the class meant), but she found ways to make it relevant. Her discussions made me question things I have always believed. Professor Kimpell is very approachable and eager to meet with you about questions. I have never had a professor better at leading discussion. I would take another class with her just to be in the same room as her.

Dec 2012

Professor Kimpell is a great professor for CC! The workload is quite intense as is any CC course workload. The discussions she leads are sometimes dry but most of the time they are engaging and she tries to get everyone involved. She is someone who will give you all of the help you need as long as you reach out to her. She cares a lot about the class and will lead great discussions as long as people are willing to participate.

May 2012

Prof. Kimpell is one of the best professors I have had in Columbia thus far. She is so brilliant it is actually ridiculous but at the same time she makes her classes so engaging and accessible that it's not intimidating at all. The material is rather abstract, which makes sense considering it's Political Theory, but really I have never had a class which was so worthwhile before. She barely lectures, spending more time having a discussion which worked out well because the class was merely 20 or so people (shoutout to Fred the Auditing Old Guy). Kimpell will meet with you as often as you want and seems to have a vested interest in your success, unlike other professors here. This class really felt like CC Redux in a good way, and I learned a lot. DEFINITELY TAKE THIS CLASS.