Niki Hemmer

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2006

Niki is a great TA. She is good at facilitating discussion in section and truly is one of the most helpful people you will meet. She will work with you on drafts or any questions you may have about the class and even takes the time to write margin comments in ms word in great detail on drafts. She clearly loves to TA, learn history, and help students. She is a fair grader though not a pushover but will help you work for your grade so that it should be no problem. There are probably some better TAs out there, easier graders, ones slightly more knowledgeable on the subject or more engaging but she certainly is a very safe bet and an incredible person who can really help you improve your understanding of history and wants you to do well.

Jan 2006

Niki is a great section leader. She grades fairly and is totally approachable. Opt for her section in whatever class if possible.

Jun 2005

Everything people have said about Niki is true- she is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and certainly the best TA I have had while at Columbia. She was 100% accessible and understanding to students needs. Our section was more of a 50 minute conversation than a class. Unlike other discussion sections I have taken in the past, I genuinely came away from section with a better understanding of the course materials. I also liked that if Niki couldn't answer a specific question, she would get back to us on it asap through email. She clearly cared a lot about her students, and I know I definitely appreciated having her as a TA!

Jan 2005

Niki is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She did an excellent job of breaking down/explaining Professor Jackson's often overly complicated theories and made sure to bring in simple, helpful supplementary material to almost every class. She's very sweet and understanding, and not too tough a grader. The perfect TA for a not so perfect class....

Jan 2005

Niki is the best TA I have ever had. She is intelligent, kind, eloquent, helpful, and (SO!) approachable. She leads discussion sections well and asks great questions. She urges you to not only write fascinating papers, but to write them well -- with style. Her comments on these papers are extraordinarily constructive. She helped me become a better writer through her editing. She helps you focus your reading time on the important parts of books, and is always willing to answer questions. She is fantastically quick at responding to e-mails, whether your questions are big or little. If you have a chance to have her as your TA, you'd be silly to pass

Dec 2004

Niki is a wonderful TA. She knows her stuff and moderates discussion sections well. I really learned a lot from her discussion sections and was able to understand the books within the context of the course. In addition, she is pretty open to paper topics, and was a very fair grader. If you get her as a TA you're in for a treat...