Matthew Bagger

Dec 2002

Terrible class. Bagger does not teach, instead he dictates sentences from his transcribed notes--ones that are long, convoluted and repetitive--and expects students to copy them verbatim. This is one of those guaranteed-to-die-of-boredom classes.

May 2002

Prof. Bagger is intelligent and presents well organized and clear analyses of the thinkers we read. His approach is very straight and logical-he is a no-nonsense type of professor. He is not very exciting and can be a little boring. The discussions were not very great but that could be because of the students in the class. He is a pretty nice guy-I used to bump into him in the gym and he always smiled and gave me a good hello.

Jan 2000

Well, somtimes a professor can't do much, as in the case of a sculptor who's working with uncooperative clay. Prof Bagger has a definite spirit and sharpness about him that tenure and/or self-pity haven't yet dulled. But sophomores are probably too young to take CC. They should wait until their senior year, or take it again (God forbid the thought, really) as seniors. That way, one would appreciate the kind of honest, unpretentious eagerness that Prof Bagger displays toward material that we all know deep down inside is for the most part about as fresh as three day old Chinese takeout. If you say to yourself, "I have to read this stuff anyway," it's best to have someone like Bagger to teach it, since he doesn't insist that the canon is super-sacred, yet realizes that most people will only consider you smart if you can quote at least some of the works, or at least know who wrote what. An added plus is his disbelivievingly high tolerance for class participation comatose,! so let the slackers who get him give seven and a half Hail Mary's in a show of gratitude to the Core Church Fathers.

Jan 2000

Professor Bagger is a good professor for those really interested in the class material. On the first day of class he tells you that he sticks to the very minimum requirement of reading. His grading is somewhat enigmatic. You can do all the readings, put a great deal of effort into all the papers, and still come out feeling like you didn't get anything out of the course because of the arbitrary grading that makes you question how well you really know the material. He goes the full two hours every time.