Bradford Garton

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2017

One of the strangest and enlightening experiences I have had at Columbia thus far, if you have the fortunate circumstance to take Music Humanities (or any other class) from Professor Garton I would highly recommend it. Having taken similar classes at other Uni's (GS student) I can say that Professor Garton makes the dull experience of learning some strange pieces of Western Music into somewhat of a fond experience. From his quirky personality and outbursts of awkward/self-deprecating jokes he reminds me that music isn't always about terms and book knowledge, but it is also Art that can be felt and experienced.

Oct 2013

Congratulations, you just won the lottery! This is easily the easiest AND most fascinating class I have ever taken at Columbia. Brad tells you on the first day that he really, really, really wants to give everyone an A... and he does! Unless you royally screw up aka don't come to class, you will get an A. There is NO homework. That's not a joke. He tells you straight up not to buy a textbook and that this will be the easiest class ever. His son is a student at Columbia, so he is all about alleviating the average CU student's homework plight and really teaching you for the sake of teaching you. Just because there is no work, though, doesn't mean you don't learn anything. Brad is so so so smart, and just BLOWS your mind away with great music and facts. He doesn't ask you to memorize artists, pieces, etc, but rather asks you to just be able to differentiate the different time periods of music. This is super easy if you go to lecture, as he makes an outline every class about what makes a time period distinct.

Jan 2011

Total G. The TA, Bryan, who will probably be teaching the class too is also just as much of a G. This is a fantastic class to learn some useful and not-so-useful (yet still fascinating) aspects of electronic music. For the most part, I think it's an underappreciated side of music and this course will be eye-opening. Truly fascinating and taught by total music fanatics. Enjoy this class, you lucky bastard. Check the syllabus on the Computer Music website but you'll learn some Logic Pro, Ableton, Max MSP, and some other quirkier things. Prentis Hall has a lot of serious history so it is really a special place to be. A bitch of a walk to 125th, but use the shuttle buses at 116th, which for some reason nobody seems to know about.

Nov 2006

all the good things former students say about him are true. he is freakin awesome! one of the best profs at columbia--easy, interesting, nice.

Jan 2006

Brad Garton is by far the nicest, most understanding, weirdest, most thought provoking professor I have had at Columbia. Any of you who are able to get into any of his classes are in for a treat where you learn, in a hands on environment exactly what you need to know about MIDI music. Brad is great because in addidtion to teaching you the practical aspects of the course he actually gets excited. His passion for the music that you can create is more than commendable

Nov 2004

Brad Garton is the man... enough said. Find the chance to take one of his classes and explore the wonderful world of computer music. One of the coolest people I have ever met. Never would I ever bother to write for this thing... But for Brad. The world.

May 2003

if you have him you are incredibly lucky. he's really smart and really cool and so enthusiastic about the subject matter. he's also easy, very little work, generous grader. there should be more profs like him at columbia.

Apr 2003

This man is the best teacher I've ever had. All you do is listen to music: music Brad likes, music he doesn't like, and music you'll both like and dislike. It's fantastic. He wants to give you an A, and you'll have to really screw up not to get one. But it's not just about the grade; you'll love going to class, you'll love listening to Brad and his stories, and you'll love (some of) of the music you listen to. He's also a very talented composer, and an all around great guy. Consider yourself lucky if you got Brad for Music Hum.

Mar 2003

everyone loves Brad--he never dresses up like other profs but students love him more than all others,,perhaps the best prof. in music dept. after Ian Bent. most of all--he wants you all love the music, that's it. he is really down to earth, and it is one of the relaxing classes of the week--i tell ya, if you lucky take his class.

Feb 2002

Brad rocks. He is a genius (he'd hate that appellation). Brad's also sweet and kind and generous...he'll do anything to make you love and understand music. This includes forgetting all about the textbook and the rest of the BS.

Jan 2002

This is what Prof is supposed to be. He LOVES teaching, even in a course that he knows most people are being forced to take. He makes the topics very exciting, demands participation. Even if you don't care about music you'll like his class. He should run a seminar on teaching for all the depts.

Jan 2000

What can I say? Brad is the man. He knows an incredible amount about the ever-growing field of computer music and is enthusiastic about it when he teaches. I came away with my eyes opened to an entirely new world of music. The class is just plain cool.... highly recommended. Word to the wise: e-mail Brad immediately if you want to take the class; the waiting list is HUGE

Jan 2000

Best class I ever took. Prof. Garton is interesting, funny, laid back, and an incredible personality. It was one of the few classes I actually looked forward to every week. He cut down on all the useless terminology, and focused on what the point of the course was: the music. I never expected to hear Nine Inch Nails and a Coca Cola commercial in class, but Brad managed to work them in interesting and creative ways. It also didn't hurt that he didn't care about grades (I think the whole class got in the A range), and that he didn't give ANY work whatsoever. However, he did succeed in cultivating a real love for music in all of his students.

Jan 2000

Funny, quirky, the teacher who had hundreds of people write letters to the music dept when he was denied tenure and made them change their minds, he is not the typical college professor. He teaches computer music and midi production techniques and is never dry or boring. Very encouraging to students individually, in class is heard to say things like "Yikes!" and "Wowser!". The Midi class is a definite if you are in a band or a composer.