Ha Nguyen

Apr 2021

Disclaimer: Class taken during Covid, fully online Professor Nguyen is a nice man and he's obviously very knowledgeable about statistics. However, as a professor, he wasn't the best. His powerpoints were confusing and the topics jumped around so much that it didn't really make any sense. It was very hard to follow him sometimes because he wasn't the best at explaining concepts. His exams are easy and the homework is doable. Pretty low stress class, but I don't think I really walked out having learned much about statistics. Overall, nothing against him as a person, but I don't know if he was the best statistic professor.

Jan 2021

Goes straight from the Book. Very nice man and flexible. Easy class no complaints

Sep 2017

I'm only writing this review because I felt like the previous one was a little too harsh. I basically taught myself this entire course and I've never taken statistics in high school. I just showed up to every lecture and did work for other classes. That being said, Prof. Nguyen is nice. He has a thick accent and he basically just reads off the PowerPoints every lecture. I think an average of 10-15 people showed up for this 100-person class. He does let us out early though, which is nice. I thought the exams were pretty straightforward and we were allowed cheatsheets so that was really helpful. I got an A and I'm by no means a stats person.