Virginia Page Fortna

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2006

She is very smart and will respond to what you say with difficult questions. Its a pitty she doesn't speak more in class. The class is only as good as the students in it since disc. is based on prior knowledge and a few readings. The readings tended to be very technical, dealing with a lot of charts and numbers. The research paper in the end is difficult, start early.

May 2001

Fortna knows her stuff... if you're serious about IR, take this class... the reading is excessive, but, in my opinion, totally necessary. This class will give you a great foundation for your IR studies. Unfortunately, Fortna doesn't exactly spice up her lectures. There is no extra effort on her part to add a bit of excitement to the class.. it is cut and dry. This class still pales in comparison to punching the clown.

Jan 2000

She's a fantastic lecturer - organized, understandable, good speed, good examples. However, it's extremely difficult to get an A from her unless you do almost all of the extensive and dense reading. By attending virtually every one of her classes, taking extensive notes and doing almost no reading (that's right!), I was able to get an A-. If you're a non-reader, be warned: I found out after the class was over that much of her final was based on info from the readings NOT touched on in class.

Jan 2000

Fortna really is a good lecturer...sometimes a little boring, but she's warm, has a good sense of humor, and is very straight forward and clear, if a little fast sometimes. The reading is a little much and can get boring as hell, but the midterm at least could be taken straight out of the lecture notes. Harder to do with the papers, because you have to have something to cite.

Jan 2000

Prof. Fortna provides a good basis for the foundations of interntional relations. Her lectures are easy to follow and interesting, although at times (during topics she does not like much) the lectures can be boring. She encourages class participation and is extremely approachable. She is easy going. The reading, like any poli sci class, is substantial, but much less then other int'l politics classes.