Daniel Fernandez

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Aug 2004

Daniel is probably the nicest person you could have as an instructor. He never got mad. He never stopped smiling. And he never ceased to be impressed by what people said in class, no matter how inane. Whether this is evidence of the jaded standards of a tired grad student or a relentless perky instructor doesn't matter. Daniel wants to give you an A, so all you have to do is show evidence of independent thought. He won't work you too hard, and you could probably get through the class without doing any of the reading...but why would you want to disappoint him and feel guilty, especially since most of the stuff you read (everything is post-1900) is interesting, especially the readings relating to the Cuban Revolution. If you want to get Major Cultures taken care of easily and don't mind doing some reading, you're on your way to four points of A.

May 2004

What a great class! Daniel is the kind of teacher we can all hope for: light hearted, funny, smart and really enjoys teaching. He really interacted with all of us and wanted to have fun in class. I learned a lot and the readings were wonderful (most of them). I recommend him to anybody and EVERYBODY!

May 2001

An absolutely incredible teacher. I've taken spanish for three years of my life (including high school), and every class was a painful excersize of rote memorization. I was on the verge of hating the language, culture, everything, until I had Fernandez as a teacher. He not only makes learning the language worthwhile, but he gets the class interested in spanish culture (especially Mexico, where he's from). He'll tell stories about his childhood and other countries that make the class blow by, while learning a really interesting language. Take his class.

Jan 2000

Took him in freshman year which also happened to be his first year of teaching. This man rocked!! He was funny, spontaneous and absolutely loved interacting with his students. Latecomers to class went around shaking everyone's hand and saying 'hola', and Daniel once did a handstand against the blackboard cos we dared him to. For the final oral exam, he performed a self-composed rap for us, posing as his bad-ass cousin from LA.