Tiger Roholt

Jun 2005

I dropped out after the first semester because I had the opportunity to take the class with a real professor, and I'm glad I did. Thats not to say that Tiger was a bad teacher - just that he's not half as good as a real professor. To me, conversation in class was meaningless at times. I did well enough on the first paper and midterm but not the second paper and final because i lost interest. Also, in my opinion the Quran class was really really awkward. I felt like Tiger tried hard to make sense of the quran but just couldn't.

May 2005

Tiger was great. He was always helpful, accommodating, and approachable, and really cares about his students. He goes out of his way to meet with you if you have questions. However, in order to get the most out of his class, you need to be willing to meet with him outside of class to discuss the material, especially for essays. He expects different papers than do most core teachers. He truly stresses no-BS, concise papers. If you meet with him for the first few papers, you will notice a drastic improvement in your own writing (which is often tainted by Lit Hum and its stress on meaningless, floaty, useless essays) and your own grades in the class. Bottom line: Tiger knows his stuff, and is someone I'd highly recommend for CC as long as you are willing to put in some effort.

Apr 2005

I would say that Tiger is a B- teacher. He knows his stuff, sure, and the other students in the class were great, but one-on-one with Tiger is not a great experience. During discussions, Tiger will pose a question for the class to answer, and if you answer it wrong or don't give enough information, he just looks at you like you're the stupidest person on earth. The class is fun because we end up going off on a totally unrelated subject, but he doesn't really know how to get information across so that everyone understands it. If you go to office hours and ask him to explain something, he expects you to understand the first time and gets irritated if you don't. If it takes more than two times to explain, he talks to you like you're an idiot for not knowing the material. Sometimes he doesn't even answer questions at all, totally brushing you off. I get the feeling he would just rather not waste his time explaining simple things. Also, make sure you have him read a rough draft of your essays, because unless it's exactly how he likes it, you won't do that well. One good thing is that he does give hints about what will be on the midterm, and anything not talked about in class won't be on the midterm/final. Also, 1st semester he made us write little compositions and email them to him before every class, which really helped you to stay on top of things. 2nd semester it was weekly 1page essays, which weren't as helpful, but still good. Also, he does cut back the readings once in awhile, which is nice. Basically, don't take this class if you don't share a love of philosophy with Tiger or if you need things explained more than once (even if you've read the assigned readings). Sometimes he can make you feel 2 inches tall.

Jan 2005

Tiger is a really good professor. His openess towards ideas facilitates conversation well amongst the class. His policy of no surprises for midterms and finals is great as well, as you can not and will not be tested on anything that was not discussed in class. As far as paper grading, I feel Tiger is very fair. However, if you cannot write an organized thesis based paper, I suggest you learn before handing in your first real paper. Also, Tiger only requires two papers, with the first being worth 10 percent less than the second, so you are not in trouble if you do poorly early on.

Jan 2005

Tiger's a very smart guy - the only reason the class ever drags on is because students take advantage of the open discussion and shoot off on unimpressive and often even unintelligible rants. Tiger does not prevent this from happening. Nonetheless, anything he says is clear and direct, and his exam questions come directly from his discussions. When the class is not too digressive Tiger gets a chance to tap into his own interests in philosophy, and if they seem unrelated to the text or unnecessary to study for exams, who cares? They are fascinating and worth listening to anyway.

Dec 2004

Tiger's a smart guy, but he's a relatively new TA and he's still working out some kinks in his teaching style. He is a harsh, harsh grader, especially on the first paper - I get the feeling that Tiger is one of those teachers who has decided to take up the banner against grade inflation all by his lonesome, and his students suffer as a result. He is willing to meet with you outside of class, and if you are willing to follow his instructions on improvement word-for-word, you'll do fine. Also, if you're the type of student who needs a lot of support from a teacher through the material, Tiger is not the teacher for you. He's a nice guy, but I just don't think he can fathom that there's anyone who does not get (or is not enthusiastic about getting) the more esoteric thoughts of Descartes, etc. He reacts to a lot of questions by giving you a puzzled "you mean you don't understand THAT?" look and then offering you no helpful answer. Kind of frustrating. Bottom line - smart guy, nice guy, good (if all-over-the-place) discussions, tough grades, imperfect instruction. B+ teacher.

Dec 2004

A really smart phil grad student, some brilliant digressions into philosophy of art and his family, easygoing, rather ignorant about the quran, lets people talk about random crap too much without intervening soon enough, rather harsh grader sometimes.