Bruce Bursten

May 2012

Gonzalez taught the first half of Gen Chem II, Bursten the second half. Gonzalez: Sucks as a lecturer. Bursten: Good lecturer. Class: Pretty much every exam (3 midterms, 1 final) had 50% or lower averages. The TA's couldn't even get full scores. It was beyond ridiculous; the test questions are much much harder than anything covered by anyone whether the professors or the TAs or the assigned problems. Most people straight up guessed on 1/4-1/2 of each test. Clicker questions which are stupid and a waste of time/money b/c only the top 3 students in a letter grade get bumped up if they answer correctly 50% of the clicker questions. Both profs refused to release the answers for practice exams/actual exams. They created special exam review sessions where it was crowded with people trying to copy down every question/answer and Avoid these professors if you can. Everyone dumps on Beer, but at least his tests/grading is fair.