Brendan Nieubuurt

May 2018

While he isn't the easiest Lit Hum instructor, I think the best characterization of him was that he was fair, especially if you put in the work for his class. I personally did not do as well as I would have hoped on the first paper, but by going to office hours, during which he always there and willing to help, I gradually made my papers better and ended up learning a lot. He doesn't give quizzes so you technically don't have to read. However, even skimming the texts pays off big, becuse the emphasis on his exams tends to be passage ID. During class, he is generally pretty engaging and he seems to balance being professional yet approachable. Stay tuned for his passionate Freudian dissection of the most innocent details of your beloved classics though. P.S: 8 AM is really really rough and even though it probably shouldn't be a dealbreaker since Brendan is pretty good, just be aware how torturous this time can be.

Sep 2017

Brendan was a great professor to have every M/W, even as an 8:10 am class. The discussion was well facilitated and his office hours were often very helpful. Feedback on essays and grades seemed fair, and aside form occasional essays (of which we were given plenty of time to complete) there wasn't much work required outside of class besides the readings. We were encouraged to read Crime and Punishment over winter break, which I think made second semester a little bit easier than other teachers in terms of reading quantity. However, we voted on which work to read over break so this may change year to year. Seems like a cool guy, 10/10 would be friends with him outside of academic setting.

Sep 2017

Brendan is a kind and caring, but slightly difficult to read Literature Humanities instructor. With most Lit Hum profs, you are able to determine what makes them excited and secures you a good grade, but with Brendan one truly never knows. While the 8:00 AM wakeup for the class was difficult, Brendan often made up for it with some enthusiastic discussions in the morning. Although Brendan really loves to facilitate class discussion, I felt that class often devolved into tangents with the English majors battling for supremacy between themselves at 8:00 in the morning. Also, Brendan would himself would get caught up on mundane details which prevented me from truly grasping the work to its fullest. Nonetheless, He was always available during office hours and if you make an effort to go a few times while writing a paper you will end up doing well as Brendan helps you flesh out your arguments very well. While the written assignments were light for Lit Hum, the readings were heavy, which led to some difficulty in staying on top of the scheduled readings. Luckily, he doesn't give quizzes, so one could be forgiven for sleeping during the 8:00 AM class. The midterm was very long, consisted of just IDs, and was graded harshly, but Brendan curved it really well so most people were happy. I suspect something similar happened on the final. Overall, take this section if you are looking to put in the work to stay on top of the reading and don't mind meeting with the prof a few times before you submit an essay in a relatively lower stress section.