Ashok Vora

Oct 2012

Worst professor ever in Columbia. He spends the first 6 lectures talking about the rules of the course and the class itself is not prepared at all. He is grumpy and likes to pick on Caucasian students. TA or CA never took the class before. In short, don't take it ! Waste of money and time. Do the mba one instead. other reviews: BORING! He doesn't teach much at all. Just solves problems from the book. waste of time. very boring going through chapter question everyday, just copy and copy. does not teach much. but if you read the book, follow the step just once. You dont even need to know all those intermediate and challenge question that he gives you. because you are not allowed to use financial calculator. Exams are crazy easy. But final is MC and diffcult. A- This professor can't teach. He comes to class, solves problems on board without writing the formula and gives a lot of hw. Also, he doesn't respect students' contribution but insults them like anything and loves to give "0" on HW even if there is any silly mistake. No review and no curves. Take him at your risk. BTW people love to drop his class.