Margaret Pappano

Feb 2003

Maragaret Pappano is an unenthusiastic, uninspired professor with no visible emotions at all. Classes drag on and on. She rarely knows the answers to questions about the literary or historical context of the literary work; "That's a good question that I don't know the answer to because this period is not my specialty," is a frequent response. She is one of those teachers who believes there is only one correct interpretation of each text and picks favorites in the class. She does tend to make an immediate judgement on the kind of work you do; your grades will not really go up or down over the semester. She also frequently keeps you late or denies the students a break (minor, but annoying and inconsiderate). She is probably a decent teacher within her own specialty, but in a small, discussion-oriented, 2 hour lit hum class, you'd do better with another teacher. (I did just fine grade-wise in her class, but I don't think I got much out of her teaching.) She seems like a bit of an ice queen, so if you'd prefer a living, breathing, energetic, enthusiastic prof, switch out.

Jan 2003

The title sounds dry but this class is great. Professor Pappano takes a little getting used to - the humor is dry and a little buried but it's there and she's great. Stick with it. Take this class.

Jan 2000

While she knows her literature, and conveys it well to the class, don't expect any merciful grading. She plays favorites like nobody's business, and once she has decided that you are a "B" student, you're stuck, even though you may submit a Nobel prize-winning piece.