Amanda Springs

Jun 2014

This was by far the worst class that I have ever taken in my 19 years on this planet. There were no redeemable aspects considering she didn't teach! whatsoever. This course is designed to improve your writing skills and close reading skills and did neither for me or anyone in the class; therefore, I would give the course and Professor Springs an F. My writing skills got worse because the feedback on papers consisted of 2-4 sentences of unrelated comments that were typed up and stapled to the top of your paper. Occasionally you would receive a squiggly line or a check mark on the hard copy, but never a written word. There was no motivation to read deeply as our discussions were pathetic. No one had any motivation in the class. Professor Springs sat on her iPad all of class probably playing Angry Birds or my guess was Fruit Ninja when she swiped a lot. We read classic works of literature and I've walked away from the class having no better understanding of them than when I walked in. Every class we would come in and the first 20-40 minutes we would turn to our "neighbor" and tell them which quote we liked and why - so 5th grade. Meanwhile, Professor Springs played on her iPad and contributed nothing. Even during class discussions she took no part in even leading them besides "how about you talk about a symbol now?” Is that what you call teaching? Because that’s what I call getting paid to do nothing. Then, because she is so lazy, for each book, one of the two days of discussion was led by two students so that she could fully sit back, relax, and do nothing. I must say, the other courses that I took at Barnard during my first year had phenomenal professors and lived up to Barnard's name, but this was just flat out pathetic.

May 2014

I feel deeply sorry for anyone who is taking a class with Professor Springs. We did read some classics in American lit, like One Hundred Years of Solitude, but the discussions were awful. Each discussion was fueled only by students, which in theory seems great. But in reality, it just doesn't work. What inevitably ends up happening is that people have more important classes so no one reads, and when discussion comes no one has anything to say. People feel pressured into saying something in order to keep the conversation going, because Professor Springs just sits there on her iPad doing who knows what because she's too lazy to lead the discussion herself. Instead, she assigns one or two students to LITERALLY do her job for her. They are graded on how well they ask questions, encourage discussion, etc., which is exactly what she should be doing. The beginning of each class invariably begins with students who discuss their opinions on the reading in groups of four, so Professor Springs can continue getting paid to do nothing. Once the room has been silent for about two minutes, she'll look up, say something convoluted and vague to demonstrate her intelligence, and then go back to her iPad. Seriously, it's a good day if she looks up twice from that thing. It's very rude. She could've been texting on her phone the entire time and the effect would have been the same-- it was as if she were doing us a favor! It's ironic that she never responds to emails, since she's so attached to it. Furthermore, her criticism on papers is ridiculously vague. It's almost astounding. I had to email her asking what she meant by what she wrote about my paper, and of course she never responded. She is very irresponsible. She would never tell us the pages for the assigned reading and it wasn't on the syllabus, so we would have to ask her in an email. Professor Springs herself came off as arrogant, as if she was trying to show off what she knew rather than teach it. She does not care about her students' welfare at all. I honestly did not learn a single thing in this class. Not one thing. My writing did not improve at all, and I dreaded going to class every day. My condolences to those who are suffering through any classes with her, next year or anytime in the future.

May 2014

Americas II was by far the most pointless class I have taken thus far. I have absolutely no idea why Professor Springs went into teaching when she obviously doesn't give two shits about her students. Every class, I would show up in hopes that I would learn something valuable about the truly phenomenal writers we read (if you like American literature, you might actually enjoy the readings), but alas, she puts no effort at all into planning classes. Each class is run exactly like this: get there right on time and sit down, wait another 5 minutes for her to show up, wait for her to turn on her iPad (you will learn to hate this thing), she tells you to get into "groups of two or three and discus the writer's use of language" or something equally as vague and obvious, discuss as much as you possibly can with your partner, wait another 10 minutes for her to look up from her iPad and realize that the class has been waiting for her for 5 minutes, she tells us to share what we discussed with the class, nods like she knows something really interesting that we don't know (why the hell won't she tell us ANYTHING) and repeats this three or four times until the class is over. And all the other classes are run by student presenters who have absolutely no idea what they are supposed to be doing, but hey at least they are giving us information and popular opinion about a novel/author. I decided to take this class because I really do love English and wanted the opportunity to read some authors I had never read, but proceeded to learn nothing about them and often didn't even read because I had no motivation. I realize that students reading this have already been assigned this class for freshman English and can't get out of it. My condolences.

Nov 2012

This class is one of the worst I have ever had the misfortune to take throughout my entire schooling career. As I understand it, this course is meant to boost critical thinking skills and improve writing quality for first year students, but in Professor Springs class, this is not the case. Springs is unbearably vague in her critique of students' work, and offers no help or direction in writing. Furthermore, she is almost impossible to reach outside of class, and gives no specific office hours, only asking that students "email for a conference time." A warning? Don't expect a timely reply.