Robert King

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

May 2021

OMG, you MUST take this class! Best. class. I've. ever. taken. at. Columbia! Rob is, like always, amazing - like if I could imagine the kindest, most patient, and interesting/genius professor, it would be him. This is my first class with Lance, and he is also just incredible! He does such amazing work (both as an artist/director and professor) and is somehow also just as down-to-Earth as Rob. They are an amazing team for teaching this class! Although I often am a little confused with some of the readings (they have some LARGE ideas), we talk about them in class and hash out the ideas through practice. Rob's theory elevates the discussions and makes us more complexly examine Lance's work and the projects they both bring in. I've learned so much about the present and future of technology, story-telling, social connections, authenticity, representation, and all of the different media forms through which these goals can be achieved! Take this class! You will be so happy, and your brain will grow!

Jan 2021

GIVE THIS MAN A GOLD NUGGET! Such a fun, accessible professor. Never pretentious, always caring and thoughtful. Responds to emails freakishly fast, granted extensions for however long was needed without question. Never made anyone feel pressure about grades, never called on anyone in class. You can take a lot from this class, or a little. I won't say it's an easy A, but if you put in even a little effort it definitely won't wreck your GPA. I really can't say enough good things. Gold nugget, please!!

Dec 2020

THE BEST CLASS AND PROFESSOR. I could say so much, but I'll keep it short. Prof King is such a great teacher and person. Not only are his lectures engaging and entertaining, but his personality is so lovable and his accent is AWESOME. He's speedy with email replies, super friendly before/after class if you have questions, and has so much passion for what he teaches. Also understanding if you ever needed extensions. I felt like I knew him and was a valued student even in a class of 100! Basically everything you want in a professor. I loved the way the class was structured (note this is the online corona format). We had one synchronous lecture a week, one min-lecture and film that we could watch on our own time, and a discussion section. We had weekly readings, but if you don't have time to read them we went over some of the ideas in class! The readings and papers are never stressful, and the purpose of the assignments felt like they were there to help us find a passion in film rather than for a grade. I loved this introduction to the film department and will be taking more classes in the future. Even if you're not thinking of going into film this is a really low-stress, fun, interesting class to take!

Apr 2020

Professor King is an angel. He is brilliant, approachable, sweet, and generous. Whether you are new to film studies or a life-long cinephile, a film major or a curious sampler, you will love his introductory course. It is engaging and insightful, and King is an excellent lecturer. (My only complaint is sore hands from constantly typing notes!) His film selections are also stellar – a perfect balance of classic and contemporary delights. The course is structured such that the first day is a lecture and the second day is a screening. Attendance is required and tracked by a written sign-up sheet, but you can easily slip out halfway or ask a friend to sign for you if you cannot make it. Discussion section attendance is stricter, but it is a fun and casual session that you won't want to miss anyway. The workload is easy: weekly readings, two short papers, and a simple final. I got an A even though I skipped many readings and a few classes, and I never spent more than one sitting on my essays. (I am a film major, though, and encountered most of the content before.) Grading is done by TAs, and all of them, in my experience, were lovely. I had Cecelia Otero and loved her.

Dec 2013

This was an incredibly enjoyable class. The lecture was thorough and engaging. Professor King was the type of guy who is passionate (and even tickled?) about the subject he's teaching. He's extremely intelligent and funny. I sat down for the first class, where he proceeded to bash the horrible 2013 blockbusters. And, as this is a current history course, he alters his lectures, adding details of what is happening today in context to what we're studying. For example, he referenced Gravity, which had just come out, and Breaking Bad's finale. We also have a pretty awesome syllabus. We have a good mix of "greatest hits" movies, like Jurassic Park, independent movies, like "Happiness," and critically acclaimed movies, like There Will Be Blood, and everything in between. All of them fit into a historical argument. It wasn't just a random smattering of films. Take this class if you can!

Dec 2013

I took American Film History After 1990 as a 'fun' class, a way to complete my schedule with something that didn't sound too difficult. The course wasn't super heavy on work, but it was also way more interesting than I anticipated. Professor King is a great lecturer and very knowledgeable about the economic pressures guiding modern film. Lectures focused on the impact of technological advancements and the economics of film industry, though we did also talk about the theory behind pastiche, mumblecore, historical film, etc. Overall, the class was an enlightening look at the industry influences behind trends in contemporary cinema. Professor King clearly loves film - both highbrow and lowbrow - and made every topic interesting, accessible and enjoyable. Also, we got to watch Jurassic Park in class.

Dec 2012

I found Professor King's class to be a really painless way to get the introductory film course over with. He is definitely very knowledgeable about film history and theory and makes the lecture as engaging/entertaining as he can, considering the class itself is nearly 4 hours long. My main complaint about the class is obviously the length, but with film classes that's something you have to deal with. Overall I would highly recommend taking the intro course with him if he teaches it again (I'm pretty sure this is his first time teaching it at Columbia at least).