Max Hayward

Jan 2013

I was lucky enough to have Max as TA for Katja Vogt's Ethics class. While he comes off as pretty intimidating due to his background (Cambridge), brilliance, British accent and somewhat sarcastic or biting tone, he is actually very helpful and willing to meet one on one. Not to mention his sections really helped me sort through the train wrecks that are Vogt's lectures. Also, he seemed to be a pretty easy grader, as I turned in a few outlines that certainly deserved less than the A- that he gave me. All in all, you'll be very lucky to have him

Dec 2012

Max was a fantastic recitation leader and TA. Not only was his expertise on the subject (his interest is meta ethics) helpful for understanding some of the difficult works by Kant, Moore and Williams that we had to read for class, but the effort he made to challenge us to think critically and explain the works in our own words was very helpful in increasing our understanding the material, improving our ability to speak about philosophy with philosophical rigor, and boosting our confidence in speaking about difficult topics in group settings. He was a fair, and perhaps even generous grader of the essays, outlines and the midterm. If you are trying to decide which TA's recitation section to pick, Max is definitely among the best.