Sumati Gupta

May 2017

This class was very interesting and Professor Gupta did a great and thorough job of teaching it. She is clearly an expert in the field and gave a lot of personal insight into each of the disorders we studied, which made them much easier to understand. She puts a high emphasis on attending lectures; if you come to every class you will do much better on the exams because most of the questions come directly from the lecture. My only complaint is that she speaks very fast so it can be difficult to take notes. I started the semester taking written notes and had to switch to a computer. Overall, I thought she was a wonderful lecturer and really enjoyed this class!

Jan 2017

This was my favorite class I have ever taken so far at Barnard. PROFESSOR GUPTA IS A DELIGHT. She is so organized and timely and very knowledgeable about the material. This class expanded my knowledge on many many disorders and Professor Gupta's slides were concise and clear. She always encouraged questions and answered them honestly and to the best of her abilities. One of my favorite aspects of this class were the little anonymous anecdotes she would give about patients; it made the subject more relatable and was very interesting to hear. Another great thing she does is show video examples of people with a disorder which was a great tool to go back to help study for the exams and were very fascinating to watch. The workload was very light; all you have to do is come to class and pay attention to the lectures. The exam materials are almost entirely based on her lectures with only one or two questions from the textbook or articles. She even says herself that you can still get an A-/A on the exams without reading the textbook. Overall, if you're interested in learning about a range of psychological disorders this is the class for you; especially because it is taught by a current psychologist with many examples to give.

Jan 2017

I love Prof. Gupta - she is inspiring as a person and therapist as well as being a great teacher. she's very straightforward and clear whilst also being thorough and engaging. Her teaching style is very clean and structured which suited me really well - if you're looking for someone more philosophical and tangential, look elsewhere. Her course material is extremely interesting and she brings a lot of her personal experience with patients and anecdotal examples to help explain concepts better. 10/10 would recommend - she's brilliant.

Jan 2017

This class was by far one of my favorite classes taken at Columbia. The lectures were fascinating and Professor Gupta would always bring up examples from her own personal experience. There were three exams and Professor Gupta would give clear instructions on what to study in order to get an A. There were no surprises in this class and Professor Gupta made her self available by email or office hours to answer any questions. I enjoyed the class immensely and since the material was interesting, studying for the exams was not as much of a burden as it is for other classes!

Jan 2017

Professor Sumati Gupta is an exceptional professor. She clearly does other things besides teach this course, and so manages her time exceptionally well. She has power point slides for each lecture that give the basic subheadings that we need to know, and it is our duty to go to class and pay attention to what she says and take down notes. Her intention is for us to learn and absorb what she teaches, and most definitely not to trick us. If she confuses you and herself in the process of explaining a concept, she will make sure to not include it in the exam and let you know of her decision so you don't waste time studying it. In her exam review sessions, she will make whats going to be tested very clear- giving you a break up of how much each chapter constitutes the exam. Overall- A great class, she never took attendance but something about her and her teaching made you want to go each time, a guaranteed A if you study exactly what she asks you to study and a class I would definitely recommend!

Jan 2017

TAKE THIS CLASS (And any class with Professor Gupta)! Professor Gupta is an amazing teacher, presenting the course information in a clear and engaging way. She often supplements her lectures with real life examples that she has gathered from her patients in her practice in Tribeca. Professor Gupta is extremely clear in the expectations of the course and is understanding of her students. Her exams are thorough, can be tricky, but extremely fair. If you pay attention in class and do the textbook reading, you can excel in the course. One of the best qualities that Professor Gupta possesses is the way in which she makes herself accessible to students. She is always willing to help in office hours or out of class and responds to emails almost immediately. She will help a student understand material that may be confusing or just advise on the psychological field in general. Though she must certainly extremely busy with teaching and her clinical work, she puts her students as priority. If you are interested in psychology, want to fulfill a requirement, or just looking for a good class, Abnormal with Professor Gupta is the way to go.

Jan 2017

One of my favorite classes at Columbia. Prof Gupta is also a psychologist in Tribeca and brings a lot of her practice into the way she teaches. She's extremely clear and reasonable; she is always open to hearing students suggest the best ways of assessment. Gupta provides extra credit too! I really appreciated how at the end of the semester she thanked the class itself, emphasizing how we help her fulfill her career in a way her practice does not. She's just hella cool and calm, and I loved her teaching style (incorporating videos, stories, etc to explain disorders).

Dec 2014

Professor Gupta is very friendly and approachable. Objectively she's not the most charismatic lecturer, but it's clear she tries very hard. That being said, the course itself was a bit insufficient. Much of the focus was on the history of clinical psychology and backgrounds to respective treatments. The term paper was the only method used to demonstrate your understanding of a respective treatment in application, but had very ambiguous grading. The exams in the class were probably where students had to biggest complaints. They were incredibly poor in design. Many questions were ambiguously worded and were not an objective measure of student's conceptual understanding of theory but rather determinant on subjective interpretations. There were also questions that were entirely meaningless in and of themselves. These questions were simply on arbitrary bullet points on random slides. The information required on these questions would have no contribution to the understanding of the discipline or theories relevant to the field. Overall, this was neither a class that discouraged or encouraged anyone's interest in the field of clinical psychology. It was rather a class simply on the historical background on the discipline and tested on random and arbitrary information that were not necessarily reflective of students' knowledge of material and conceptual understanding.

Jun 2014

Professor Gupta is fantastic. She is not only passionate about the material she teaches, but also passionate about making sure she presents the material in an accessible and clear way. She is a part-time professor - she spends the rest of her time in private practice, meaning that she really understands what she is teaching about because she sees it firsthand. She is extremely considerate regarding her tests- they can be tricky but she does not want to trip you up. If there is a question that most of the class missed on an exam, she will most likely give everyone in the class credit for it because she feels that she didn't teach the material or ask the question in a clear enough way. She's also really great to talk to out of class!

Dec 2012

You can definitely tell that she is a new professor, but she tries really really hard. She is a super nice woman, who really cares about her students. Her class was a little bit surface oriented at times, but got way better as the semester went on. Overall, a great addition to the Barnard psychology department. She is a great resource when it comes to questions about clinical psychology. She is just caring in general and it was a pleasure going to her class everyday.