Sumati Gupta

Dec 2012

This class was great! I'm so happy I didn't take it before Professor Gupta began teaching it. I read reviews for the previous professor and just knew I probably wasn't going to enjoy it, so I decided not to take it so soon and I'm glad I did. Professor Gupta is great. Not only are the exams very easy, she grades them back within 1 - 2 days and emails us as soon as the grades are posted. I got an A- in the class. Although the exams were easy, there were just a few tricky questions that kept me from getting that A...except on the final. I got an A but that might be because she threw out one of the questions and allowed multiple answers for others. See? Isn't she awesome?! She seems very nice and the fact that we all did so well on the first exam did not make her want to make the next two more difficult, unlike some professors. I hope she doesn't change - but if she does, at least I got her in her first semester here! Some people might think that the easiest classes are the "jokes" but not this one - I think the exams were easy because she is very straightforward. She doesn't want to trick anyone and it would be easy to do that with some of the material!