Duncan Szeto

Dec 2012

This is by far the worst class I have taken in my life. The instruction was very poor and he often skipped derivations and applications of the formulas and concepts. The homework does not prepare you for the exams so be prepared to do a lot of outside reading and work. He is a nice person, but is very unclear and the final project had almost no guidance and was riddled with misinformation. Pros: 1. It forces you to learn the material if you need to know it. Most students in the class are preparing for the FM exam offered by the Society of Actuaries. 2. The course actually isn't that hard. It's just poorly taught. Many students and I did very well on both the midterm and final even though I finished both exams early. A good number of students got 100% on the final. 3. Very light workload overall. Cons: 1. Very poor lecturer. He's boring, uninspiring, and unclear. This was the main concern. I elaborated already above. 2. The study manual required for the course is VERY expensive ($150+). 3. The course itself will not prepare you for the FM exam. Recommendation: Only take the course if you REALLY have to.