Richard Bushman

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Nov 2003

Put it this way: this is the only class I've ever taken in which, after the last lecture, the entire class spontaneously stood up and broke into applause.

May 2003

This was the best class I have taken at Columbia yet. Bushman is not only extremely smart, but he's nice as well, and understands college students like no other professor. Classes were always engaging. The topics were amazingly interesting, and never once did I find myself bored. You will actually want to go to class! As seminars go, you can't go wrong with this one.

Apr 2003

Without a doubt, one of the most kind, affectionate, insightful, and engaging professors at Columbia. His classes are all a joy to attend and he makes sure that the conversation flows smoothly. He activates participation by the entire class and goes out of his way to grip his students interest in every topic. IT was an honor to have been his student.

Jan 2000

You might be interested to know that Bushman is a 1999 Faculty Teaching Award winner. The committee found that 'His kind and thoughtful professional development of his students and his students' teachers deepens their humanity and forms them together into a community of scholars.'