Vesna Kuiken

Dec 2012

She has got to be the worst teacher I have ever had. She is so terrible at bringing up interesting discussion topics.. and she is a very boring lecturer when she decides to give us useless, boring, irrelevant information about the books. I don't even understand how Columbia can allow such a TERRIBLE teacher to teach here... She is truly a disgrace to Columbia teachers. That being said, she's even an unfair grader and a terrible human being. She changed the god damn format of the lithum midterm and didn't tell us until we got the actual exams. Also, her grades seem rather arbitrary, as she leaves little to no explanation. In fact, her explanations don't even make any sense. All in all, I wish I had switched out of this section from the start... One girl got so fed up with the teacher that she even stopped coming to class! That's a sign that she's a shitty teacher.