Michael Gerrard

Dec 2018

Before you read on: NO DIRECTION YOU ARE LITERALLY ON YOUR OWN! Class lecture = 2 hours Discussion = 1 hour Reading w/ notes = 4-6 hours of work per week Final exam = 4 hours long!!!! What did you learn - in terms of knowledge, skills, or perspectives - in this course? --Legal perspective of Energy law and how it functions within the legal world. What percentage of the work (including reading) assigned for this course did you complete on schedule? -- Finished all the work but always 1 week behind so never on schedule What is your overall assessment of the course? --This course was not worth 3 credits. It is like 4.5 for time it takes to read, do the case briefs, attend discussion, the 2 hour lecture, and write the 3 papers. Gerrard is great at lecturing Pros would be giving an insight on law school classes before committing to applying to law school. improvement would be better organized discussion. Gerrard should be writing the paper prompt so the TA can help walk us though how to approach it. I felt very lost most of the time and unable to figure things out because the TA left us stranded. What is your overall assessment of the course? --Very good Would you recommend this course to another student? -- Probably, if they wanted to go to law school. Please evaluate Michael Gerrard --very very knowledgeable, kind and approachable What is your overall assessment of the effectiveness of the instructor? -- excellent What are the strengths and weaknesses of Daniel Resler (discussion section leader, lab section leader, grader) as an instructor, and how might Daniel Resler's teaching be improved? -- Terrible teacher. didnt care about the class choose not to answer questions regarding the paper because he wrote the prompt. Like what? I have zero idea how to write a law paper because I am a junior in college not a law student. Seems like a nice guy but super cocky. He thinks we have pre assumed knowledge regarding legal classes. I still don't know how to approach this 4 hour final exam! What is your overall assessment of the effectiveness of Daniel Resler? --poor

Dec 2012

What an amazing course and amazing professor! This is definitely my favorite class at Columbia so far! This is Professor Gerrard's first year teaching Energy Law as a lecture that is open to undergraduates rather than as solely a Law School Seminar. Despite being THE most renowned environmental law and advocacy lawyer in the world, Gerrard is extremely friendly and approachable; he made an effort to memorize our names (and succeeded), and he never disregarded the opinions of the undergraduates even though we obviously did not have the same foundation in law as the other law school students taking the class. He is also an amazing lecturer, managing to turn what most would consider a dull subject into a very interesting and relevant topic (thanks to his well-placed dry humor). We also had various guest speakers from very important positions ranging from District Judges to Utility CEOs, which really helped in making the material relevant rather than abstract (as would be the case in law). I also really enjoyed the dinner with Gerrard, a utility CEO, and three other law school students (I was the only undergraduate); I did not feel intimidated at all being with them. Take this course! Even if you're not majoring in Sustainable Development or are not planning on going into law, this class goes into extremely pertinent topics such as hydraulic fracturing, fossil fuel energy subsidies, the Keystone XL Pipeline and renewable energy. Leaving this course, I feel like I know all more about these topics than what most people think they know based on what the media says. I also got a better sense of the political climate and legal framework pertaining to these topics, and where the USA will be going in the future (e.g. State Department is most likely approving the Keystone Pipeline System). You won't regret taking this amazing course!