Jaywon Lee

Jan 2005

his class was fairly challenging at the beginning, because accounting was probably new to many of us. he is a very very funny lecturer and you will always be able to remain attentive in his class. he also brings in a lot of jokes, news and insider stories about the wall street, i hated finance, but after taking this class, i fell in love with finance....the test are easy if u work hard, the grading is fair, i dunno about the curve, but the mean is usually aboves 80s

Dec 2004

Not the best lecturer as he's still a bit green -- he's a grad student. He knows the material well enough and prepares powerpoint presentation with accompanying handouts. 90% of what you need to know is in the handouts and the other 10% comes from a few maneuverings he demonstrates on the board. The class is not a difficult one for those who have some experience with economics and simple business principles. There is a level of intuition assumed I think as it is an econ elective - thus, for those french majors who decided they wanted to become investment bankers their senior fall the class may take a bit of getting used to + a bit of extra work. That said, the workload for this class is nothing compared to other econ courses and he grades very generously. The class is overall reasonably interesting and you definitely get a decent introduction to both accounting and finance.

Dec 2004

I am not an econ major, so this review may be skewed. However, I found this class challenging enough to take it pass/fail. Some may find the class laughably easy, but without any real world experience in the subject matter, the concepts can be really confusing and meaningless. The class is also 2 hours long, but Jay let us out a half hour early. Jay is a young, funny, nice guy with lots of helpful advice, but alas, he is not a good lecturer. He just never explained anything in a way that I could understand- even really simple stuff. Of course, not having a clear explanation of anything made the class that much harder. Overall, the class is practical but really boring. Unless you are thinking about careers that marginally or majorly use accounting and finance, don't take this class.