Imre Bartos

Jul 2015

Dr. Bartos is basically all kinds of nice. Did his best to be helpful, was friendly, approachable, certainly not the type to yell or call you out. I dozed off a few times in his seminar and I felt so terrible about it, and he was probably secretly judging me on the inside, but he never said a word about it. It must be so terrible for a genius like him to teach a course as basic as FroSci. I mean I liked FroSci for being a class I could relax in, but it was so terribly boring. Seminar sessions would get so painfully awkward because only one person would really participate, and she was basically participating out of pity. He's not going to make your life difficult, and he's probably as good of a FroSci instructor you could get.

Nov 2013

While Imre is incredibly nice, a forgiving grader and pretty hunky, he is not the world's best lecturer. He stutters and stammers from time to time, and had a hard time fielding questions from the obnoxious kid in our class (you know the one). I didn't mind his section though; he's pretty nice to look at and so are his slides. On several occasions, he let us leave pretty early as well. The problems with FroSci stemmed not from the discussions but from the course itself. Yes, it's incredibly easy, but also mind-numbingly pointless. While Brain and Behavior was enjoyable, and Physics had engaging lectures, the Evolution section was just awful, both in lecture and seminars. Advice to the FroSci: keep the easy, lose the stupid.

May 2013

If you just found out you got Bartos as your FroSci section leader, go find the registrars and make out with all of them. Imre is basically cute as hell, the kindest person ever, and casually on the Forbes list of Top 30 Under 30 in science (google it, shawty studies black holes and mosquitoes). His PowerPoints are graphically wondrous and he breaks down everything important from the lecture in an organized list of key questions. He smiles a lot and stutters sometimes and his eyes are the color of a sea made of Brita filtered water okay I'm done. When he has office hours for you to turn in your homework, don't hesitate to ask him questions about anything you didn't totally get. He sits and works with you and then you can stare into the Brita filter

Dec 2012

Imre is a nice guy who has a good understanding of his subject matter. He's sort of adorable and ridiculously cheerful, so ladies, prepare to swooooooon. In a word, he's 'goofy,' but in the most endearing way possible. He accepts homework late (as long as you've done it, he's happy, as always) and grades leniently, probably right around the way most FroSci professors do. His slideshows are amazingly helpful. I also like that he sticks to the syllabus while still throwing in tiny interesting bits of information here and there. He has a bit of trouble engaging the class, despite his puppy-dog eyes. A lot of the time it was just a few sympathetic students raising their hand to kill the silence, or the one lone asshole who spends 15 minutes of class having a discussion about things that nobody else understands or cares about. (Hint to the kid who wouldn't shut up and move on: GO TO OFFICE HOURS) While his slideshows are great, they only work if the class is awake. All in all, if you're in this section, relax. You've got a good teacher who grades fairly and enjoys the subject. He seems like the type of guy who would be happy to discuss science with you for years if you're so inclined or are having trouble.