Anna Nicolaou

Mar 2013

She is often very nervous, like she thinks we're constantly judging her. She also apologizes profusely when her phone goes off, despite it not being a massive deal. Those things aside, she is the sort of professor you feel like you could go to in a bad spot. She's warm, friendly and fun. Overall, a good instructor. For the basic level of stats she teaches, perhaps a bit too much review, but nothing to complain about.

Jan 2013

I took this course for a pre-med requirement and had no previous experience in Statistics. Professor Nicolaou taught very much so from a powerpoint presentation that she would upload the night before on courseworks. I found her lectures helpful as they clarified the harder parts of each chapter and gave specific examples that were similar to both homework and test problems. She sometimes used the lectures as review sessions to go over the more difficult chapters a second time. To do well in the class it is necessary to show up for all the lectures and read the chapters as well. Overall, it was a time-consuming class, but possible to get a good grade.