Donald P. Green

Feb 2020

This person is the kindest being I have ever encountered at this soul-crushing institution. He would schedule a call with a stupid undergrad who doesn't know anything aka me, who did everything she thought she could do in her power and still somehow did not get her ethics review approved the first time she submitted (you will encounter this if going to grad school for polisci), right after his con call on a Friday morning and right before he boards a train to give a talk at Yale. He sounded so tired yet still so nice over the phone, comforted my freaking out, and pointed at what to do next. He respects his undergrads so much, they do not deserve it at all and I do not deserve it at all. He is a giant and arguably the giant in the field of experimental political science. Take his class whenever you have the chance. His undergrad class will make you run a serious project in which you actually have to apply for ethics review like a real researcher, because you ARE doing REAL original research instead of some bullshit undergrad paper that you can bullshit your way out. Basically, Columbia doesn't want you to run the next Columbia Prison Experiment, so you need to prove to them why your social scientific experiment involving human beings is ethically ok. He is so practical in this regard, he literally tells you which official you will be dealing with, how you can appease them and make them trust you are in fact NOT DOING the next Columbia Prison Experiment, and in general how to deal with this gigantic bureaucracy because that's what every scholar actually has to think about. His grad experimental class is 4000 so undergrads can also take it. I am literally taking 2 additional prereq classes just so that I can take it in the fall. He needs a gold nugget right now.

Jan 2013

Professor Green is a great professor who joined us from Yale. Very knowledgable on the subject of American Politics (esp elections) and research methods (esp experimental methods), he makes the lectures very interesting with a range of articles from different disciplines of political science (AP, CP, IR). His exams and assignments are easy. That said, you will only cover the very introductory materials. You will have encountered most of the things learnt in this class in intro to statistics. The only new things were in the second half of the class on experimental methods. NB. You will learn R instead of STATA.