Zhuhai Wang

May 2013

Prof. Wang was a great instructor for this rather introductory mathematics class. He approached the subject at the appropriate level and presented the material in a very organized manner. Language difficulties, perhaps, made him difficult to follow and his decision to closely track the textbook (even in the examples given) during lecture made some us to "miss" a lot of sessions. If you read the book and did the practice problems, as well as the homework problem sets, there was no need to attend lecture. Going to class, however, helped you keep the material fresh on your mind before quizzes. A fair grader, he provided a small curve when giving out the final grades. The TA did an excellent job with the homework assignments, which were almost his exclusive domain (pun intended), but I did not take the opportunity to visit him during office hours. I got a B and, quite literally, I slacked during the entire semester, missing classes, missing two quizzes and bombing other two, and not studying well enough for exams. A 100 on a midterm was not an uncommon occurrence, in my opinion. Overall, Zhuhai gets an A-.