Jonathan Dickinson

Aug 2013

There is no doubt in my mind that if students evaluated Dickinson only on the basis of the concern he shows for his students being able to understand and do the work assigned, for his responsiveness at all hours to email, for his making himself available to meet with students, for his sense of (self-deprecating) humor and humorous side-comments in general, for his congeniality and overall friendliness, for his general likability and approachability then Dickinson would get an A+. The class’s TA (Martin M Garcia Urtiaga) in Summer 2013 would also get high marks for similar reasons. This is the second time that Dickinson has taught this class. He comes with an impressive background given his role in compiling NYC’s GHG emissions inventory and brings an enthusiasm for this subject and for sustainability in general. He is compassionate in his acknowledging that some of the readings are not exactly riveting. He needs to do a better job of posting materials (readings, homework assignments etc) on Courseworks and returning graded assignments in a more timely manner. He should also more carefully proofread (test) his homework assignments before assigning them. This class teaches an important and relevant skill for SUMA students and is highly recommended.