Morgane Austern

Oct 2013

If you have no background in statistics whatsoever, even with a solid grasp of calculus, this class is difficult. If you have taken AP statistics in high school, it is much easier. If you have to take this class, and fall into the first category, be prepared to more or less teach yourself statistics; as mentioned in other reviews, the professor largely regurgitates information off of power point slides, which are more or less carbon-copies of the material in the textbook. If you are looking for rigorous proofs of specific properties of random variables, probability distributions and cumulative distribution functions, WolframAlpha, Khan Academy, and a Google search is your winning combination. My section of the class had only one TA, who was somewhat difficult to communicate with. It appeared as though the TA was performing said role for more than one section or course in the statistics department - overburdening as such led to less-than-thorough explanations of material and a general feeling of imposition when clarification was asked for. I'm unsure if there is a deficit of human resources in the statistics department, but it seemed to be the case.