Barbara Morris

Dec 2017

Professor Morris is kind of crazy. She's disorganized, her thoughts and comments are sometimes incoherent, and her view points are very extreme. The class is entirely discussion based and most classes are someone in the class giving a presentation/running the discussion, so she just sits on the side and occasionally comments. The professor and most of the students in the class have very extreme viewpoints, so if you like that it's great, if no, it's torture. That being said, she is usually an easy grader, if she likes you. Assignments are very vague- there is no official prompt or rubric but she will still criticize you for not fulfilling the assignment.

Jun 2017

This seminar class is mostly student run, with Professor Morris occasionally interjecting. Compared to my first year seminar, in which the students could rarely speak, this was really appreciated. However, I often wanted more guidance from Professor Morris. I felt the discussions could use a bit more structure, and her feedback on papers wasn't always the most thorough. I felt the class made me a better writer, but not to the extent that it should have. Professor Morris has a solid background in Latin American literature so while the syllabus is definitely heavy with U.S. lit, is also represents a variety of countries in the Americas which makes for interesting readings.

Dec 2016

This class was really interesting because of my interests in Latin American culture and American and Latin American literature. I think this course would appeal to anyone with interests in these fields and related fields, or anyone who simply is not interested in the legacy of the Mediterranean...This course was something I could relate to and apply to in my daily life. To be honest I barely did any of the reading. Just make sure you read what you are interested in because you do have to write a few papers, and you'll need something to write about. Consider doing the presentation on what you think you will be interested in so you don't have to do as much of the reading, and you will have back ground info for your paper. Professor Morris has been super helpful to me, some others feel otherwise, but I think that if you put in the work and you are open to feedback and proactive, she can be very helpful. Her edits on papers are really helpful and the assignments help you figure out how you can improve your work.

Dec 2013

Professor Morris is kind of crazy, but the discussions can be interesting, and she is lenient in terms of due dates. Sometimes it can be frustrating because she is so non-linear, but if you're into that type of teaching style, then this will be a great class for you. The reading list was very interesting and included a good mix of North, Central, and South American authors. You don't really have to do the reading, but be prepared to bullshit if she calls on you. She is a relatively easy grader, although she makes it really hard to get an A, and most people who did receive A grades only ended up with A- grades. I didn't find her commentary on the essays very helpful, but that's just me. If you're interested in American literature (both Americas!), then this is a fun class to take, as it is laid back and not a lot of work.

Nov 2013

Professor Morris is a good professor. She encourages challenging class discussions, the readings are interesting and you'll learn a lot with her and from her. This course is a pretty good foundation if you're thinking of majoring in anything that involves latin-american literature. However, her clumsy approach to a lot of subjects that she is uncomfortable with - like race, homosexuality, etc - can be off-putting. She tries to fight it, but she's just not the most open-minded person. In my opinion, that just makes the class more interesting, because it's funny to see a Southern woman with Southern opinions in real life. And brownie points for not trying to impose her beliefs on the class.