Danilo Guaitoli

Dec 2013

International Trade seems to be a traditionally hated course within the Economics department, but I can't speak to how it used to be taught, given Danilo Guaitoli took the reins this semester. Prof. Guaitoli follows the International Trade textbook VERY closely, to the point where you will be able to skip class and not miss a drop of the material (granted you read the book, and take your own notes). The main challenge of this course is being able to handle the workload responsibly. We work through about ten 20-30pg chapters over the course of the semester, and there are only 2 homework assignments. I repeat, only 2 homework assignments. There is a midterm, and a final, but this is ostensibly all the hard practice you will get, and it REALLY takes people by surprise once they take an exam. Since the material is not very hard, Prof. Guaitoli manipulates the models to the point where you actually have to THINK about what you are doing, and the people who have just been getting by, doing the bare minimum of reading necessary to understand the material, truly suffer. The average on the first midterm was 50%, and the professor let us know that people did either really well, or really poorly on the exam. This isn't to suggest that people are lazy or uninterested, but the material is deceptively simple, and the real difficulty of the material creeps up on people. Diligent study and attention should guarantee an A-range grade.