Teresa Sharpe

Dec 2020

(Gonna copy and past this for both Prof Reich and Prof Prof Sharpe because they co-taught the class) There were many times in the semester where I was like, why the heck am I taking this class, but I found my reasons by the end of the semester. First, it's a pre-req that a lot of majors require (like business and sus dev), so if you go into the class thinking you want to do Sociology (like I did) and end up not liking it, there's a possibility you still use it towards your major! Second, it's not a hard class. You have weekly work, but the professors are accommodating to students' feedback throughout the semester and adapt accordingly. For example, we had a tonnn of reading at the beginning of the semester but gave feedback and they cut it down a lot. Regardless, if you are good at "winging it" by just skimming readings and bsing quizzes/papers, this is a perfect class for you. They also drop your lowest quiz/note/group work score which is very nice. Was never stressed about my grade in this class. PLUS we usually one live class once a week! Third, this class covered a lot, and you'll get something out of it by the end. Podcasts and readings were interesting. Even though I didn't feel like doing the readings a lot of the weeks, I was still able to learn stuff from the discussion section and quizzes and writing ethnographic fieldnotes. The professors are really passionate about what they do, and very accommodating to students opinions about classwork. They are also extremely patient, as we had an online class of about 300 and they were constantly answering questions and being patient with technological issues.

Mar 2019

This class is the easiest I've taken at Columbia. I literally never attended, barely did the readings, and got an A. I can't speak to Sharpe's teaching because I was never in class. She is really nice, based on the few times I did go. The material was pretty boring, but SO easy if you have any background in women's studies, or even are just vaguely aware that gender discrimination and racism are real. If you're a good writer and are half-aware of the social norms in the world, take this class for the credits and the A.

Dec 2018

I love her!!! Please take her class!

Dec 2018

Woooo! This class sure is a blast! I LOOOOOOOOVE TERESA! You go girl! Overall, I learned much about the troubling ways in which misogynists and republican bigots can negatively impact the world. White men truly have created hell on earth for all parties involved. I also appreciate the diversity of thought that this class in particular promotes; we have it all in the social world: communists, anarchists, socialists, unionists, and left-leaning bernie sanders supporters! Other classes are dull by comparison and don't feature the true diversity of America - #changethecore #homeriskkk. Overall, I feel that this class was a good use of my time, and I look forward to getting ~social~ with you'll soon!

Dec 2018

This professor needs a nugget! By far my favorite professor I've had at Columbia and her introductory course made me want to pursue sociology as a major and subsequently write my thesis in this major. Her Proseminar and Social World were both fantastic and I frequently discuss both during job interviews. She is relatable, funny, and makes learning fun and interesting. She makes old concepts come to light in current readings and allows the class to guide discussion with a preliminary lecture for her Proseminar.

Oct 2018

This was without a doubt the BEST class I have ever taken at Columbia. Professor Sharpe is a kind goddess full of knowledge, and the readings for this class were incredible. You probably don't have to do all the reading for this class to get by in the discussions, but it's SO worth it to do them because they are so so interesting. This class should honestly be a requirement for all college students. Please do yourself and your Columbia education a favor and take!

Apr 2018

I have mixed feelings about this class. Teresa Sharpe is INCREDIBLE and deserves a gold nugget, without doubt. The reading list for this class is incredible - I have rarely had a class where I felt so invested in/ excited about doing the readings. On the other hand, though, the sort of lecture/ seminar mix of this class was hard for me to follow - I think the course would have been much stronger as a true seminar, but instead it ran just like a bunch of small student-led seminars, since there were ~40 people in the course. This meant that I didn't get as much time working with the brilliant and incredible Professor Sharpe, a true loss. Also, as a service learning class, one component of the class is tutoring weekly with the Columbia Tutoring and Learning Center. The tutoring component of this class was disorganized, disconnected from the course, and useless. I did not enjoy it just because of how difficult to work with the TLC was. It ended up taking a lot more time than they made it sound like it would, and it was entirely disconnected from the learning I was doing in class. A lot of people in the class felt this way and its still a pretty new class, so I think there definitely is hope for the future, but definitely the tutoring component is something to be aware of and prepared for going in.

Dec 2017

Overall a really enjoyable class! Professor Sharpe is super engaged and enthusiastic about the course and its content, and she makes the lectures really understandable. Even though it was a ~400 person class, Professor Sharpe was able to create a discussion, or at least set aside time where we could voice our opinions. The coursework is pretty light (the readings were interesting and the assignments were fun), and it's a great intro for anyone interested in sociology!

Oct 2017

A class that insults your intelligence. I don't know if all sociology classes are like this but I will definitely NOT major in sociology if this class is any indication of what's to expect ahead. Lots of apologist sentiment and marginalized this, marginalized that. The lecture and recitations felt like an ongoing song of complaints. This is bad because of this. Men are bad because of that. And that's it. No resolution. If you want to take this for an easy A, you might want to look elsewhere because you still have to give somewhat of a hoot to the subject material. I'm a physics major and this class was hard because of what I had to force feed into my skull.

Oct 2017

If you are ultra liberal, love watching CNN and Don Lemon, you'll probably like this class. If you're a classical Democrat, moderate, or any degree of right, this class will feel like torture. I was expecting a class along the lines of an intro to sociology course. What I got was everything I thought FOX News was just making up. She uses the term first year instead of freshman too because go figure, freshman, man, insensitive and all that ultra liberalist good stuff. The discussion sections can get worse depending on who you get. My TA opened the first session along the lines of "is this a space where we can engage in a discussion of opinions without getting hurt?" What that really means is say only comments that conform with whatever the liberal agenda accepts. If you want an A, vehemently argue how we live in a society with great inequality, should make great strides towards bridging inequality, men are oppressors (particularly the white man), men are evil, women are victims, college girls should be open to as many one night stands as they want because equality and college guys get more out of a one night stand than a college girl so victimization etc(if you think I'm kidding, I wish I was and there's more I his topic). This was by far one of the most pointless courses I have ever taken in my life. I'm glad others enjoy this but I'm writing this for those who might not be aware of what they think they're jumping into. If all of this sounds normal to you, go ahead and sign up and have the time of your life. One dynamic of the class is that laptops are prohibited from use. Understandable. Some professors do that. However, what makes this pretty dumb is that Prof pretty much reads off a paper and doesn't really stop. This makes note taking via hand a lot more cumbersome. I think this is something Prof can easily fix and would improve lectures.

May 2017

Great class! The lectures were boring, but the readings and assignments were fantastic. Professor Sharpe made the classroom a very inviting space. TA's were amazing too. If you're planning on being a sociology major or just looking for an intellectually stimulating class with a great professor, take The Social World with Professor Sharpe!

Nov 2016

I don't know how Teresa Sharpe doesn't have a silver nugget yet-- she has a cult following within the Sociology department. She is a thoughtful teacher who clearly takes undergraduate teaching very seriously. Her lectures are engaging and all of the readings are meaningful-- Sharpe assigns no busywork, and usually the final papers are opportunities to explore something you're really interested in. Usually her classes are lecture + powerpoint style, but she has a knack for making discussions happen in classes of 60-80 people. If you can take her for Sociology of Work and Gender-- DO IT! She will revolutionize how you think about work, so if you ever plan to have a job (regardless of your own gender)-- take it!)

Oct 2014

I loved this class and it really pushed me to become a sociology major. Pretty standard lecture with powerpoint slides that follow along, but don't necessarily outline everything she's saying. She helps review and break down the readings and highlights the points that are most important to understand and how to connect them to other readings. If she says something twice, it's important. It's pretty obvious. Because her lectures are clear and insightful, if you do most of the readings and come to class and listen you should do pretty well, as long as you use your brain. No wild curveballs on midterm or final. Although the class is mostly lecture she'll also sometimes spend 15-20 minutes just having a discussion or having people share their personal experiences Overall, this class was awesome. She doesn't take any BS and knows and teaches her subject well.

Dec 2013

Sharpe's teaching style is a standard lecture. She basically has a PowerPoint and talks about the readings. However, this class is also discussion-based, so she will elicit answers and responses from students about the readings. Personally, I found the class and subject material interesting. However, even if you are not studying sociology or education (or both), you can still succeed in the class. Furthermore, the concepts you learn in class are quite eye-opening and will probably explain a lot with regards to your schooling experiences.